Reflection On Wiki Writing

This week I wrote a few wiki articles as listed: PageAffordancesDigitalHumanities, and WikisAreSemantic. I wrote my findings on each topic, but I also left some space to insert new information in case someone else wants to build on what I wrote. In doing this I gained a sense in how wikis are never complete since these topics were so broad. As a result, I struggled in finding what information I should add to each page that I wrote without going so far in depth with a subtopic that it changed the focus of the page. I worked through this issue by creating a few sub categories for each page, and I gave general information about these subtopics. For some of these subtopics I created links to new wiki pages since they seemed like additional topics that would need a new page to describe detailed information about them.
I enjoyed searching for information that was neither too general nor too detailed. I learned what these general topics meant and what it is like to do the research to create a wiki page. If I could do this assignment again then I would choose three new topics to work with so that I could do more research. I am also currently unsure if I should be giving my pages titles since they already have a title from the wiki. Currently, the first subtopic’s title replaces the browser tab’s title.
I view the work I did covered the objectives of publishing work on topics and possibly continuing to work on them. In a way it is similar to some of the blogs I wrote back when the we were on the topic of what it meant to be a blogger since I had to navigate, read, and then create content from my research.

My New Desktop

A while ago I got a RPi 0. It is a single board computer (SBC) that is around $5. It only takes up to 0.7 watts to power it so I am able to power it with my phone chargers. The last SD card I had for it somehow split in half so I was unable to set it up until now. I used the last RPi I had as a server, but I am not allowed to run any servers using the internet connection on campus. I am thinking of using the one I have now to edit google docs, or other work where most of the processing takes place in the cloud, from home. Doing so will allow me to keep my laptop in my backpack most of the time.

Reflection on Self Portraits

Unsure of the best way to depict myself I started this week off by uploading a selfie that I took for my twitter account and added a comment. This Self Portrait post gave me the most trouble, and it showed little more than the fact that I am attending college. The presentation of my Self Portrait 2 post was much more appropriate for this blog. This newer photo was taken in the computer science lab, shows some code I am working on, and, though cut off a bit, includes the chalkboard with the new officers of the computer science club written on it. The representation of my enjoyment is given my smile and the comment that states I am volunteering. Out of these assignments I think that I learned how to make content subtly more descriptive at conveying a message and my personal beliefs. I do not think I would have changed how I attempted these assignments since my blog is not about myself in particular. A selfie gave my writing a face, and it gives the feeling that I am more accountable for what I write since I have connected my writing with myself. If I had much more time I think an interesting way I could have done these assignments differently would have been by using the Quantified Self method to look at quantitative data instead of qualitative data about myself.

In a way these exercises connect to what we did last week, but instead of asking what a blogger is, we are asking who. I discovered that people often use a different identity as they blog which reshapes how we view identity, hence a pitfall of this system is that they could differ greatly from what we see online. However, a layer of anonymity also can give someone the courage to be more open as well. I think the best fit for this week’s objective was the topic of how social media impacts how we learn, socialize, and communicate due to identity playing a huge part in all three.

Quantified Self

Today I read about lifelogging which is where people attempt to learn more about themselves through tracking personal info and finding correlations within the data they collect. I predict that the Quantified Self movement will grow with the internet of things (IoT) adding new technology that collects new information. With easy to use AI such as TensorFlow, these technologies may also be able to start forming correlations and making decisions from personal information without the need of human intervention.

Reflection On Week 2 (updated)

This week of discussing what a blogger really is helped me in understanding what some requirements may be in keeping a blog. I am still not sure if bloggers must be human, but I think it will not be relevent to the course I am taking. Reading what other people thought was the most enjoyable part of this excercise since it gave me new information and angles to work with. If this week could have gone on longer then I would read even more about the other ideas people came up with.

This topic fits into the course in responding to social media and understanding the root of it. In linking other media I have added and debated ideas that others have shared. Blogging is responsible for the creation of social media, and it still plays a big part within social media.

What is Blogging?
What is Blogging cont.
Thoughts on Blogging

Microsoft in Class

Today at work I was asked why you essentially need to sign into your student account three times just to check email. I was aware of this issue back when the previous college I went to made the switch from gmail to Microsoft live. However, autofill data and forwarding my student email to my gmail made me forget about this annoyance. I think it is clear why the switch was made due to popularity and rumors of discounts on Microsoft Office. Now that I am working in IT, I can no longer use the excuse “I am not a Windows user” to avoid these annoyances. I am hoping that as users complain about these issues the MnScu system will be edited to help reduce the number of issues a user may face.

Wage or Automation Taking Jobs?

An article I read today discussed some news I have heard a while ago about McDonalds replacing cashiers with machines. This article stated that the reason for this was since “it has to compensate for wage hikes.” As the technology becomes cheaper, I think that this automation would take place regardless of any wage increases due to the perfect accuracy and increased efficiency of the machines. One issue I see with these new machines is in the case that some people do not know how to operate them then they may lose some sales. This makes predicting the ROA of these machines to be less predictable, and it is possibly why they only planned on installing them in a few thousand locations initially.

Thoughts on Blogs

After discussing some of the gray areas on what it means to be a blogger, I have noticed that blogging is at least a form of marketing. This occurred to me while reading an article from letsmapthisout. The marketing is normally of a person’s opinion, but it can be about a product if that is the focus of those opinions. Even private blogs can reinforce a person’s own ideas. The ability to link to others allows bloggers to find information that reinforces their ideas or to debate what they do not agree with. I found that this allows readers to connect with blogs and start to build their own network of marketed opinions.