Bootcamp 2017

For the first week it was difficult to get started. I was not able to get into the habit of writing a blog everyday, but recently I have started getting used to it by setting reminders on my phone. Getting my blog started has being the biggest step for me since it involves commitment. Through this process I also learned how to use RSS and blogging software as well as some information about intellectual property. Of the topics covered these first couple of weeks, I have become more skilled in using social media, learned more about how it works at a technical level, and I have learned of a few of the ways people can interact through social media.

I enjoyed setting up an account the most since it involved making some big decisions about where my blog may go, but at the same time this presented a challenge. If I could start over then I would be more consistent in making blogs from the beginning. My biggest fear was the possibility of changing the focus of my blog too much, but as I am making it more general I am no longer worried about that possibility.

Setting Up An Account





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