Portable Phone Charger

I have received a portable phone charger as a gift last year as a Christmas present. I use to not think they were worth the money since it would just be an additional device I would need to remember to charge, but I found this gift to be very useful when going to class since with it I am able to do more work with my phone. Just using my phone during the day between classes would drain its battery in a hurry. This semester I am also using my phone more often during my job since my new job involves a lot of waiting. I have not used my bluetooth keyboard too often since my phone would often die before I got much work done, but with my new portable charger I no longer have to worry about that issue. This also means that I do not have to carry around my laptop as often. Therefore, I went from thinking these chargers were a waste of money to something I could not live without.

4 thoughts on “Portable Phone Charger

  1. Technology is so cool! The things they come up blows my mind. I was just thinking about all the things they came out with just in the past five years. It’s nice that I don’t have to use my laptop everywhere I go, and can practically take a class on my smartphone. The downside is that it is draining my battery so fast. Now that I have been blogging and working on research for class on my phone, it usually dies once or twice a day, and I need to recharge. I’m going to look into buying a portable charger for those times where I don’t have an outlet handy. With your portable charger, is it a one time charge before you have to recharge it, or can you use it a few times?


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