What is blogging?


via spam gmail | notoriousxl | Flickr : Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic

After reading an excerpt of Blogging by Jill Rettberg, I found that blogs are in some ways like a personal website, but it is also not like a personal website since it gets updated often and may try to build a connection with the readers. Bots have also been made to create spam blogs so this connection is not always necessary either if we are to consider these bots to be bloggers. If these bots are not bloggers then I find that it becomes an easy answer that blogging is forming connections with readers, publishing opinions on an open platform, and attempting to receive some level of feedback. If this is true then an additional question raises of if whoever created the spambot is considered the blogger. Another layer can be applied to this question since Rettberg mentioned that blogging is what social media we use today is based on. Is every post on social media considered a blog post? What if these posts are created by spambots?

An article from Rebecca’s Pocket appears to take the side that these bots are not bloggers in stating, “As advertisements creep onto banana peels, attach themselves to paper cup sleeves, and interrupt our ATM transactions, we urgently need to cultivate forms of self-expression in order to counteract our self-defensive numbness and remember what it is to be human.” However, an article from The Balance defines a blog as a something that is updated frequently and allows for the readers to interact with the information. Perhaps this human connection does not have to be made by who or what created a post, but rather the reader to the content produced.





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