Reflection on Self Portraits

Unsure of the best way to depict myself I started this week off by uploading a selfie that I took for my twitter account and added a comment. This Self Portrait post gave me the most trouble, and it showed little more than the fact that I am attending college. The presentation of my Self Portrait 2 post was much more appropriate for this blog. This newer photo was taken in the computer science lab, shows some code I am working on, and, though cut off a bit, includes the chalkboard with the new officers of the computer science club written on it. The representation of my enjoyment is given my smile and the comment that states I am volunteering. Out of these assignments I think that I learned how to make content subtly more descriptive at conveying a message and my personal beliefs. I do not think I would have changed how I attempted these assignments since my blog is not about myself in particular. A selfie gave my writing a face, and it gives the feeling that I am more accountable for what I write since I have connected my writing with myself. If I had much more time I think an interesting way I could have done these assignments differently would have been by using the Quantified Self method to look at quantitative data instead of qualitative data about myself.

In a way these exercises connect to what we did last week, but instead of asking what a blogger is, we are asking who. I discovered that people often use a different identity as they blog which reshapes how we view identity, hence a pitfall of this system is that they could differ greatly from what we see online. However, a layer of anonymity also can give someone the courage to be more open as well. I think the best fit for this week’s objective was the topic of how social media impacts how we learn, socialize, and communicate due to identity playing a huge part in all three.


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