Reflection On Wiki Writing

This week I wrote a few wiki articles as listed: PageAffordancesDigitalHumanities, and WikisAreSemantic. I wrote my findings on each topic, but I also left some space to insert new information in case someone else wants to build on what I wrote. In doing this I gained a sense in how wikis are never complete since these topics were so broad. As a result, I struggled in finding what information I should add to each page that I wrote without going so far in depth with a subtopic that it changed the focus of the page. I worked through this issue by creating a few sub categories for each page, and I gave general information about these subtopics. For some of these subtopics I created links to new wiki pages since they seemed like additional topics that would need a new page to describe detailed information about them.
I enjoyed searching for information that was neither too general nor too detailed. I learned what these general topics meant and what it is like to do the research to create a wiki page. If I could do this assignment again then I would choose three new topics to work with so that I could do more research. I am also currently unsure if I should be giving my pages titles since they already have a title from the wiki. Currently, the first subtopic’s title replaces the browser tab’s title.
I view the work I did covered the objectives of publishing work on topics and possibly continuing to work on them. In a way it is similar to some of the blogs I wrote back when the we were on the topic of what it meant to be a blogger since I had to navigate, read, and then create content from my research.

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